Runway Report: Giambattista Valli SS17 Couture

If we could discern what princess dreams are made of, we’d have to assume it would involve the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dresses that were serenely paraded through the grand suite of gilded rooms at the French National Archives yesterday. In a goosebump-inducing showing of what can only be described as true confections of eveningwear, Valli made a strong case for pastels, tulle and crystals, returning to timeless silhouettes but with reworked proportions, assuring the modernity of his collection while highlighting the ageless elegance of classic femininity.

The presentation began with a series of tailored looks executed in silvery cream duchesse satin decorated with contemporary folds and evocative crystal embellishments reminiscent of period court jewelry. Botanical prints and floral embroidery added color to the series, making way for the summery hues that would enliven forthcoming exits.  Among those would be modern-medieval mousseline dresses and sexier strapless minis with ruffled trains of an epic length. Ball gowns were the real statement-makers here, and there were plenty of beauties to admire:  prim, long-sleeved versions that just grazed the floor – either embroidered with evenly dispersed blossoms or dusted with shimmering crystals – as well as Valli’s signature glamour bomb gowns with their skirts of massive proportions. These showstoppers, comprised of countless layers of organza or tulle, were the crowning jewels atop a breathtaking spring collection.


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