Hautelinks: Week of 11/24/16

Put on your stretchy pants and enjoy a post-dinner internet break.

Wonder what the most Googled holiday gifts of 2016 are? Find out via Refinery29.

Also from Refinery, some amazing Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving “hacks”.

The $13 Winter Leggings Everyone Is Buying on Amazon Right Now.

Leandra Medine is a styling genius, as further proven by this collection of looks she proposes in lieu of jeans.

Also from Man Repeller, this article on watching “Beauty and the Beast” as an adult is fantastic. Also, too real.

Traveling soon? You need Eater’s guide to restaurants around the world.

AMAZING: Someone Figured Out A Hack To Make Super-Cool Disney Princess Eyeshadow Palettes.

The Gilmore Girls Wear These Labels, According to the Show’s Costume Designer.

Speaking of which, Well + Good asks, how healthy is Lorelai’s and Rory’s relationship?

And, how well do you remember the Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving episode? Ugh, this one was so hard!

No plans for winter break? How about a Hannah Montana marathon?

Buzzfeed has the scoop on Hot Topic’s new “Spirited Away” clothing line.

Love this and her: 8 Times Amy Schumer Got Real About Embracing Her Body.

This was an eye-opener: Presence > Productivity.

Memories: 33 Outfits from the O.C. That Are Totally Cool to Wear Right Now, via Popsugar.

LOL: Love these picture tweets about kids. Too cute!

Aw, Selena Gomez had a heartfelt message for fans at the AMAs.

20 Gifts Under $20 for Girly Girls, via Harper’s Bazaar. I have a $20 limit secret santa coming up so this was perfect!

Also girly girl related, these stylish Disney princess gift ideas are too cool.

And I love, love, love The Fashion Spot’s gift guide.

Say what you will about her, but Kylie Jenner knows how to throw a Friendsgiving. (Can we come next year, please?)

Love these red carpet pics of all our faves at the “Gilmore Girls” premiere!

The Nonprofit Using Scavenger Hunts to Research Girls’ Education. Such a cool concept.

19 movies on Netflix to watch with your family over break.

We die for these luxe velvet blazers.

15 AirBnB cabins to rent this winter. Love this idea so much!

According to WhoWhatWear, everyone is going to be wearing this quirky outfit combo this winter.

Another reason to love avocados: they make for great face masks! Try this easy DIY mask from HelloGiggles.

Here Is Your Ultimate YA Book Gift Guide For 2016

Apartment Therapy shows you how to give the best gifts ever.

Aw, this made me choke up, too: Barack Obama ‘chokes up’ as he awards Ellen DeGeneres Medal of Freedom.

And finally… snacks!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. As always, we’re oh-so thankful for all of you. ❤


In volcanic Iceland, eruptions bring risk, and tourism boom

VIK, Iceland (AP) – An Icelandic volcano brought much of the world’s air travel to a halt. And then it brought the world to Iceland.

Few outside this island nation had heard of Eyjafjallajokull – and even fewer could pronounce it – when the volcano erupted in April 2010 after …

Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes Hits Back After Being Accused of Bleaching Her Skin

Jasmine Tookes will not stand for body shaming.

The Victoria’s Secret model fought back after some of her Instagram followers accused her of bleaching her skin to make it look lighter.

Tookes shared a video on Friday showing off the $3 million Fantasy Bra she’ll wear in two weeks at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but fans were quick to remark on her skin’s appearance.

“How do you look so white?” asked one of her followers.

“Did you bleach your skin?” asked another.

“Exactly what I was thinking I think she bleached herself she used to look black,” another person wrote.

Tookes  did not waste time in defending herself, commenting, “Are you kidding me!?!?!? Who in the world does that?”

“First of all. Lighting is everything and not to mention I’m way darker in the summer and much lighter towards the winter my skin tone changes all the time just like everyone else.”

Later that day Tookes took to Twitter to express how happy she is with her skin.

“Just CRAZY!!! I love my skin! It’s my favorite thing about myself,” she tweeted.

RELATED VIDEO: Celebrities Call Out Body Shamers!


And after the criticism cooled down, her fans followed up with their support.

“Don’t even respond to these haters,” said one.

“You are beautiful, don’t care about what they say,” added another.

In October Tookes won the honor of wearing the Fantasy Bra – an opportunity that goes to just one Victoria’s Secret model each year.

“It’s crazy to me because I looked up so many supermodels growing up like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum who wore this Fantasy Bra and I never thought that I would actually get the chance to wear it,” Tookes told PEOPLE. “It’s such a dream come true and I still don’t even feel like it’s real.”

She said she was particularly proud to wear the Fantasy Bra as an African-American model.

“I think it’s such a milestone for me because I am an African-American girl and there hasn’t been many in the past that have worn a Fantasy Bra,” Tookes said. “I think that’s a huge thing, and I am honored to be able to represent that for the brand.”

The Value of Obtaining Poor Credit Equipment Financing for Your Enterprise

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Just how can a business get an equipment loan with bad credit history?


Lenders want to risk their cash with businesses that have less than ideal credit. They understand that every person consisting of a business needs a second opportunity to get their economic circumstances in good standing as well as a bad credit loan could be used for this objective.


Likewise, some organizations may have made some incorrect financial decisions along the road. However, they should not constantly be punished for their blunders. Again, some financial institutions will expand credit to these companies to assist them come back on course.


Just what are the needs of a bad credit rating devices loan?


Bad credit rating devices loans are useful however they are except everyone. Lenders will generally bill a greater rates of interest since the threat they are taking is higher. They will certainly additionally prolong payment durations. This simply suggests that debtors will have to repay even more cash over a prolonged time period. http://www.halocapitalgroup.com/equipment-financing-for-bad-credit-applicants Businesses with bad credit history that borrows cash will likewise most likely need a business strategy, a capital sheet and security for the loan. Keep in mind a bad credit history lender is taking more of a danger on a business with bad credit history. They want to see to it that they remain in the best placement to obtain a return on their cash.


Can a bad credit rating devices loan actually an aid your business to obtain the tools it needs?


Yes, a bad credit loan for tools could aid a business owner or group to get the equipment or computer system systems they should operate their business. Click here! The loans can be used straight for this objective and also the tools that a customer could acquire with them is usually upgraded and very progressed.


Where can a business go to apply for bad credit loan for equipment?


A business can apply for a bad credit history loan with a financial institution that specializes in this type of lending task. Once they meet the certifications and are approved they should be able to receive the money they should get the equipment they need to need to continue to be affordable and also rewarding in the industry.